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Author: Chris Brown

30 Jul Making Good Decisions by Dr Adrian Morton

Magda Osman, a senior lecturer in psychology, has recently written about popular ideas about the unconscious mind and conscious thought. For complex decisions involving a wide range of parameters, is it best to decide using your ‘gut’ (more unconscious) instinct or conscious thought? Despite popular...

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08 Feb Panic Attacks by Maya Welford

According to, one in ten individuals across the UK experience occasional panic attacks. It is highly likely that you or someone close to you has experienced at least one panic attack in their life time as they are more common than you may think....

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27 Oct Hoarding

What is it? How do I know if I have a difficulty? Hoarding or keeping things is something most people can relate to. We live in a consumerist world where we can even spend money on storage options. Lots of people people enjoy collecting things, and...

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29 Aug Parenting in a digital world

Parents often ask: how do I keep my children safe? How do I get them off the computer? Using technology has become such a dominant feature of our lives, yet our children probably know more, use it more confidently and in ways we haven’t yet...

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15 Aug Launch of the RPS Blog

Today we are launching this Blog where we can publicise new developments and resources in clinical psychology viagra 100mg 4 st. The Blog also allows for comment and requests for help from anyone registered. ...

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15 Aug Sleeping Difficulties?

We can all develop problems with sleeping from time to time. Sometimes it could be because we are a bit stressed or worried, sometimes it could be a sign of being a depressed. Whatever the cause you might find these tips helpful. Recording – Write down...

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