Reigate Psychology Service | What We Offer
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What We Offer

Who do we see?

The Reigate Psychology Service (RPS) provides a comprehensive service for children, families, young people and adults of all ages. If you are unsure of what might be helpful or if you would like some advice and guidance as to the next step, then please contact by telephone, E mail or letter. Remember this service is free.

Where are you seen?

Therapy is provided in a designated room within a large private house. Parking is available on the drive or on the road outside the property. There is no reception or waiting room, and individual therapy sessions are deliberately spaced so you will not bump into someone leaving the previous session. Please do not arrive more a few minutes early as confidentiality and discretion are important to all the people we see. Therapy runs strictly to time and you will be seen at the time arranged unless you have been informed otherwise.

Additional Clinics

Therapy is provided in a range of locations, including Weybridge, Sutton, Ewell, North West London and West Sussex.



Modern therapeutic approaches are active and collaborative in nature. The therapist works in collaboration with you to reduce the frequency and severity of any problems. When using CBT the focus of the work is on what is keeping the difficulties and problems going at this time, not looking for possible causes and/or earlier childhood experiences. This is not to say earlier life experiences are not important to understanding current difficulties, but it is unlikely they are keeping any difficulties going now.


Therapy is often portrayed poorly in the media and we do not ask people to lie on a couch. A Clinical Psychologist works actively with you exploring how you are coping and finding out what is helpful to you. We cannot ‘mind read’ and can only help with difficulties people are happy to talk about.


The first session (Assessment)

Therapy begins with an assessment and each session is often 60 minutes long and sometimes longer for families. Typically assessments are completed over one or two sessions and are a time to get to know you and the details of what you are finding difficult. During the assessment the therapist will be asking things like the how long the problem has been going on for, how often the problem occurs, what you have tried before and your thoughts and behaviour in relation to the problem. The therapist will develop an initial formulation, like a map of your difficulties, and discuss the types of treatment available.

Call us for FREE, confidential advice on 07412 674550