Reigate Psychology Service | A mother tells how her daughter dealt with anxiety and depression
A mother's story as she reflects on her daughter’s journey to get her life back having experienced severe anxiety over issues at school and exam preparation.
child mental health
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A mother’s story as she reflects on her daughter’s journey to get her life back.

03 Dec A mother’s story as she reflects on her daughter’s journey to get her life back.

It’s heartbreaking for a parent to see their child unhappy, but when this develops into behaviour that effects their school life, both with friends and work, at what point do you consider seeking help from a professional? You might feel this is a big step to take. And you might wonder what the experience will be for you and your child.

So, we thought it would be helpful to share…

A mother’s story as she reflects on her daughter’s journey to get her life back.


“I was very worried about my 15 year old daughter’s mental health. She was experiencing severe anxiety over attending school as well as some other issues relating to being in a school environment. My daughter was becoming depressed and she was finding it difficult to stay focused on her school work and exam preparation. A mother’s story as she reflects on her daughter’s journey to get her life back.

I got in touch with the Reigate Psychology Service and we were very lucky to be offered an appointment with Rachel Sweetingham very soon after. It was a great relief to know that professional help was there and quickly accessible and that we were no longer alone in dealing with the problem.

My daughter found it very easy to relate to Rachel. She appreciated the fact that Rachel was non-judgemental and friendly. Rachel’s cosy, welcoming clinic is based in her own home, and this comfortable environment helped my daughter to relax and feel able to talk to Rachel about her deepest worries and concerns.

We learnt that a variety of mental health problems can be present at the same time and therefore overlap. Rachel’s treatment was flexible and was adjusted as we went along to accommodate for this which meant that the experience was really bespoke and tailored exactly to meet my daughter’s needs. In our particular case, the treatment consisted of a combination of a therapy called EDMR (Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) and cognitive behavioural therapy.

As a parent, I found it useful to have the option to be included at the beginning of each session and to have the opportunity to explain the situation from my perspective as well. It was re-assuring to be part of the session as I then knew how best I could help and support my daughter in between appointments.

Both my daughter and I found that the regular reviews as to how the treatment was going was helpful when assessing progress and setting next steps. I was also included at the end of the appointment each time so that I could receive feedback as to how my daughter had benefitted from the therapy. This arrangement suited us, and because my daughter was young, I think it was important for me to be aware of what was happening.

It took a while for my daughter to feel better and Rachel supported her throughout, and now my daughter is a happy, healthy and fun-loving teenager who is enjoying life again.

I cannot thank Rachel enough for helping my daughter to get her life back on track. My daughter now has a “toolkit” of techniques and strategies that she can refer back to in the future if she needs them. Thanks to Rachel, my daughter knows how to look after her mental health going forward – what a wonderful gift to give a young person, thank you so much.”

If you have concerns for your child’s mental wellbeing, please do get in touch.  We are happy to discuss any concerns with you by telephone or email and this service is free. If we can provide assistance then an initial appointment will be offered.

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